Upper Merion High School
45th Class Reunion for the Class of 1969


On Saturday, October 11, 2014 the Upper Merion High School class of 1969 kicked up their heels to celebrate the class's 45th reunion at the Greco Roman restaurant in Norristown, Pennsylvania!

The reunion committee did a FANTASTIC job!

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The below photos were submitted by Daria Pronchick McDonough

If you have photos you would like to add to the collection please email them to Jim Wilkinson at Jim@MJW-Inc.com and he will get them up on the site.


Bert Wagner


Bert, Karen, Gwen

Kevin Huston and Daria Pronchick
Carol S

Carolyn S & Doris D

Carolyn Shilling

Chris Knopf

Cindy & Jacqui B

Cindy A

Vicki Neal France

Cindy S.

Claire Woolery

Dan Eastman

Dan Willis

Daryl T

Daryl Tryson in center

Daryl Tryson

Daryl, Nancy, Dr Joe

Dave Fraschetta

Dave Mullen

Dave Stone, Jackie B, Lenore Interrante Gregory

Dave Stone

Diana H

Dino Volpi

Donna J

Dr George Homa

Dr Jan Galla

Dr  Joe Spadoni & Kim

Dr Kathy Richard Meyer

Ed Cicutti

Effie N

Eric Katz

Fred Klotzbach

Gail Morrison

Gail M, Ginny, John James

Gary Grimes

Gus Mandrachia


Hunter Robinson & Kathy Brady Shea

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Everyone is looking forward to the 50th Reunion!